Duke Energy Theater


Advancing - Stage

Advancing - General

Technical Director
Bill Walter
Office: (704) 379-1215

Booking Manager
Stephanie Cantrell
Office: (704) 379-1210

Administration Office
(704) 333-4686

Box Office
(704) 372-1000


Mailing Address (USPS, UPS, Fedex)
345 N. College St.
Charlotte, NC 28202

Public Entrance
345 N. College St.
Charlotte, NC 28202

Loading Dock Entrance
307 N. Tryon St.
Charlotte, NC 28202

Stage Door Entrance
345 N. College St.
Charlotte, NC 28202

Stage Dimensions

Length of Room 51’ 10” Balcony Bottom to Pipe Grid 9’ 3”
Width of Room 50’ 9” Floor to Pipe Grid 18’ 8”
Inner Edge of Balcony Overhang to Outer Wall 6’ 2” Size of Playable Space (Seats Extended) 15’ X 35’
Floor to Balcony Bottom 9’ 5” Bleacher Seating Nose to Rear of Playing Space 22’ 7”
Bleacher Seating Width 25’ 9”
  • Venue has an installed motorized screen FP 7.5’ X 14’ (16:9)

Lighting Control

  • ETC Element
  • (96) 2.4Kw LMI dimmers

Lighting Positions

  • 88 Pipe grid circuits
  • 4 Stage left wall circuits
  • 4 Stage right wall circuits
  • 8 Under balcony circuits
  • Followspot is Lycian Short Throw

Sound System

  • Mix Position: Located inside isolated control booth at back of venue. Shared with lighting. Optional location is in the house left balcony (requires seat kills).
  • Console: Behringer X32 w/ (2) S16 racks.
  • System Processing: DBX Drive Rack PA for system drive. Apogee processors for mains. Custom ladder logic for paging system.
  • Main PA: 2x Apogee AE5 (1/side) with 2x JBL Array Series 4894 subs (2x14”), (1/side).
  • Monitor Speakers: (4) Radian RPX-108p (passive 2-way).
  • Paging: Backstage paging stations located in control booth. Priority override.
  • Show Relay: Backstage relay available in all backstage areas. Volume has page priority override.
  • Listening Assist: Sound Associates ILS System. Distribution station in House Manager’s Office.
  • Intercom: Clear-Com 1 channel system with connections throughout stage area.

Loading Dock

The Duke Energy Theater will use the dock at the McGlohn Theater. The opening is a double door at truck height. One or two trucks at a time can be accommodated. A dock platform is built to accommodte truck height for loading and unloading.
View from Tryon St.
View from College St.

SM Calling Desk

The Duke Energy Theater does not have an SM calling desk. There is space in the control booth but not a dedicated position.

Union Information

Duke Energy Theater primarily uses BPA House Staff. Stagehands, as needed above the House Staff, are provided by IATSE Local 322. Local 322 is a mixed local representing all crafts and truck loaders. Venue has no other union contracts (AFM, Equity, etc.).

Dressing Rooms

Room Size Cap. # Shower # Toilet # Sink Internet Phone
#1 (Men) 14’ X 13’ 7-8 1 1 2
#2 (Women) 14’ X 13’ 7-8 1 1 2
Green Room 20’ X 8’ 4-6 1
Laundry 1 washer/dryer
  • Public WiFi is available in all areas. SSID is BPAGUEST.

Inventory - Pianos

Both pianos are shared between McGlohon Theater and Duke Energy Theater. Pianos must be reserved in advance and tuned by BPA’s piano tuner.

  • (1) Yamaha C3 (Conservatory Grand), lives in McGlohon Theater
  • (1) Petrof (6’ Grand), lives in Duke Energy Theater

360 Degree Interior